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How much will it cost . . .

While flying and training to become a pilot is not free, we certainly do offer most cost-effective method to earn and to maintain your pilot certificate. Here's a sample of the minimum costs a student and current pilot can expect.

Active Member Monthly Dues (Pilots) $45/month
Plane Wash Fee $20/year
One-time Club membership fee $200

Typical training costs

A student pilot, training for their pilot certificate should budget money to cover the cost of dual (with instructor) and solo flight time, text books, flight computer, plotter, medical certificates, charts and FAA exam fee. Typical costs will include:

Instructor Fees $30-$40 per hour
Aircraft rental (75 hrs* x $90/hr) $6,750
Misc Fees (books, exam fees, etc.) $500

Need more help? Contact our Club president, Mark Morton, at

*Although only 40 hours of flight time is required by the FAA, the average student pilot takes closer to 70 hours to fulfill the FAA requirements. About half of this is dual time and requires an instructor.

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